Cataract Care in OK

Are you over 60? Have you noticed changing in your vision?

Often times, people developing cataracts will notice a subtle change in their vision. They may notice glare or haloes around lights, yellowing of colors, general blurriness and even double vision from a single eye. If you’ve noticed such changes in your vision, here’s what you should know.

Eye Care Oklahoma specializes in cataract diagnosis and cataract surgery. Surgery on one’s eye(s) is a scary idea, but modern cataract surgery is amazing compared to techniques used 30 years ago. Cloudy lenses in the eye are actually liquefied and gently suctioned out through an incision no deeper or wider than your pinky nail. That lens is removed, and a small lens in a folded formation is inserted through that very same incision. Recovery time is extremely short – in fact, many patients drive themselves to their postoperative appointments the day following their surgery.

If you think that you might have a cataract, then don’t wait to get your great vision back!