Surgery Center

Along with Eye Care Oklahoma merging with Precision Vision, comes the opportunity to use Precision Vision’s Surgery Center. Conveniently located at 6922 S. Western Avenue just north of I-40, we are now able to easily accommodate the surgical needs of our patients at Eye Care Oklahoma. Precision Vision’s Surgery Center is a fully-accredited, out-patient / ambulatory surgery center dedicated totally to eye care. The center was designed to ensure a seamless surgical experience for our patients from the point of arrival to the time they check-out.

Why Choose Precision Vision’s Surgery Center for Your Treatment

Precision Vision’s experienced anesthesia staff, RN’s and other medically trained staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care throughout the patient’s entire visit. During pre-operative preparation the patient will be seated in a modern chair that doubles as the surgical bed with remote-recline capabilities. This allows patients to relax and feel at ease during the surgical process, especially for those patients who struggle with mobility.

It is our combined mission to restore our patient’s vision to the highest level possible. By offering the latest technology in cataract surgery technique, sedation and intraocular lens implants, we are able to fulfill this commitment.

The expertise of Dr. Pickard, Dr. Jackson and the technology available only at Precision Vision’s Surgery Center creates a unique experience that our patients will remember.


Laser Cataract Surgery

Advanced laser cataract surgery uses a specialized laser to deliver precise surgical results with the help of the latest technology in ocular imaging. The laser is a computer-controlled femtosecond laser with high-definition imaging, which helps Dr. Pickard or Dr. Jones customize each patient’s surgical treatment to his or her eye’s unique anatomy.

Femtosecond lasers have been used for corneal eye surgery like LASIK for decades. Because of the advances in imaging and computer technology, the laser has increased in precision and accuracy, allowing for its expanded use in cataract surgery. Patients have the opportunity of being independent from glasses, at least part-time, if they choose laser cataract surgery, compared to those who went with traditional cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery corrects astigmatism within a certain range and may be paired with a premium lens to achieve such independence.The recovery process is not very long, allowing patients to return to their normal activities within the first 48 hours after surgery.

Dropless Cataract Surgery

While traditional cataract surgery requires patients to take drops before and after surgery, dropless cataract surgery is an advanced procedure which offers patients the option of having cataract surgery performed in such a way that it removes the need for eye drops in most cases.

In Dropless Cataract Surgery, the medicine placed in the eye at the time of surgery is a combination of steroids and an antibiotic. The medicine is absorbed by the eye over the next few weeks, providing patients the benefit of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines, without needing to repeatedly use them in the form of eye drops.

Besides the convenience of the surgery, eliminating post-op eye drops can also save the patient between $100 to $300! It is a very safe procedure, reducing the risk of infection and retinal swelling, as well as the chance of possible side effects from eye drops normally used.

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If you are interested in more information about laser cataract surgery or dropless cataract surgery, contact our office today and schedule a consultation with one of our Eye Care Oklahoma specialists.